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Buying A Used Electric Car: A used electric car is a cost effective and viable means to buy an alternative fuel powered car. The advance in electric car production in recent years not only means that there are a greater range of vehicles available but they are also extremely reliable and offer excellent performance and features. When buying pre-owned electric cars it is important to consider the vehicle specifications as well as the previous ownership of the car itself as it is for internal combustion engine powered cars.

Electric Vehicle Range: As well as used electric cars, the expansion of the electric vehicle market has been such that you can buy virtually any type of vehicle powered with electric motors and cells. Motorbikes, scooters, and even off-road vehicles join with tractors, trucks, and even mowers to complete a line up of energy saving, pollution reducing alternative vehicles. There's even sports cars, dragsters, and prestige autos with surprisingly high performance specifications ensuring that whatever type of vehicle you're looking for you can find one powered with electric.
Electric Cars

The Environmental Benefits Of Pre-Owned Electric Cars

In terms of environmental benefits, used electric cars offer the primary benefit that they have zero emissions from the tailpipe. However, it is important to remember that the actual amount of greenhouse gas savings is determined by how the electricity used to power the car is produced. If environmental energy savings are the main reason for buying a used electric car then you need to consider the range and charge of the car.

Charge Range

Range is one of the more critical factors in choosing pre-owned electric cars. Improvements in electric infrastructure mean that it is easier to recharge the cells used in electric cars. Depending on the type of used electric car you buy, it will offer a range anywhere up to 300 miles from a single charge. This makes electric vehicles less suited for long range trips but ideal for short range trips around towns or cities.

Charge Time

Another thing to consider is the time it takes to charge the cells. Most electric cars can be recharged at the wall but charging times, and therefore the amount of electricity required for a full charge, depends on the model of electric car chosen. Some electric cells and motors are less efficient than others requiring longer to charge and offering a lower range so new owners should consider their own vehicle usage.

Late Model Electric Cars

Around three quarters of the power used by a car to accelerate can be recovered during breaking. This can further improve the efficiency of the car. Regenerative braking is especially prevalent in late model electric cars. Late model electric cars typically have the latest advances in technology giving the owner the best range, shortest recharge times, and greatest performance levels.

Buying Like New Electric Cars

Pre-owned electric cars offer drivers the chance to save money on their driving expenses while reducing the negative impact they have on the environment. By choosing the right used electric car, it may be possible to enjoy a range of 300 miles or more from a minimal charge using the mains electricity supply. Learn more about new electric cars for sale here.

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